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What is non-thermal plasma?

By the word «plasma» medical professionals usually mean blood plasma, but in physics, plasma is the fourth state of matter – ionized gas.  Energizing a matter, at some moment electrons break free from their atom nucleus and form combined with ions one gaseous substance. Usually, plasma has a sufficiently high temperature of hundreds, thousands or even millions of degrees. It is a very common state of matter and one faced with it every day. Sun, welding, lightning, polar lights, neon lamps, and even fire - it's all plasma. However, direct heating is not the only way to generate plasma. A strong electric field can also break atomic links and generate room-temperature plasma without significant increasing temperature.

Non-thermal plasma attracts attention as it opens a door to radical chemistry - it generates radicals, which is hard to synthesis in conventional chemical reactions.

Most of the scientists are leaning towards the critical role of peroxynitrite and nitric oxides in plasma activated water.
Simplified process of water activation by plasma is the following:

  • 01Plasma generates free electrons; those free electrons break N2, O2, H2O molecules and produce short-lives radicals
  • 02Short-lived radicals go into chemical reactions with each other and with molecules of N2, O2 and H2O and create long-lived NO, NO2, NO3, H2O2, ONOO- radicals
  • 03Those radicals are strong oxidizers and it kills pathogens
How can non-thermal plasma could be used in desinfection and sterilization?

Non-thermal plasma is not absolutely novel for medicine. In 1993 FDA cleared the new method of sterilization by plasma activated hydrogen peroxide in a vacuum chamber. Now peroxide plasma is a «gold standart» in low temperature sterilization. However, the latest studies have demonstrated the ability to activate not only hydrogen peroxide, but also plain water in atmospheric pressure. 

Despite the fact that this idea looks like science fiction, plasma-activated water is verified phenomena in numerous scientific studies. On-site production of a strong disinfectant from plain water by using only a small amount of electricity can change the disinfection and sterilization market.

Our solutions

We have simplified and accelerated the process of water activation by Direct Barrier Discharge (DBD) in atmospheric pressure. Direct Barrier Discharge itself is not a novel, but our patented multi-stage process of water activation in gas and liquid phase is the unique and original innovation.

Now we are working on the product portfolio for the practical realization of our technology

Portable water sterilizer
The portable module for preparation bacteria-free water on-site for medical instrument rinsing. This module can be delivered stand-alone or integrated into Automated Endoscope Reprocessors.
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Hand Sanitizer
The portable device, which activates water-vapor mixture and produces low-temperature activated water-mist for hand sanitizing.
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