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We developing the new generation of disinfection agents, based on non-thermal plasma technology for medicine and food processing

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Basic science

Our technology is based on water activation by non-thermal gas discharge (plasma) in air. Transforming of water into strong bactericidal solution is know phenomena is discussing in scientific literature last decade. Reactive radicals of oxygen and nitrogen (RONS), generated in plasma discharge, dissolve in liquid water and synthesis meta-stable radicals with the pronounced bactericidal effect.

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Improving desinfection
  • 01 Broad spectrum – inclduing gramm-positive, gram-negative bacteria, biofilms, viruses and fungus
  • 02 Nontoxic – plasma activated water has low toxicity on eukaryote сells
  • 03 Cost efficient – only small amount of electricity and water needed, no compicated maintenance
  • 04 Reliable and easy-to-use – no mixing and special conditions is required
  • 05 Environment friendly – green technology, do not damage enviroment